• STC: $572,035,092 1.99 %
  • 24h Volume: 22,148 -85.27 %
  • BTC: $ 51156.03 4.49 %
  • ETH: $ 4327.53 3.83 %


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What is SecurityTokenCap?

SecurityTokenCap is your easy access to live market data from security token exchanges. We provide you with important metrics, like price, the volume of publicly trading security tokens, and the free-float market capitalization of various tokens.   

Where do we get our data from?

We collect data directly from Security Token Exchanges. Check “Exchanges” tab for the list of exchanges. We update trading data daily, usually around 4 pm ET. Also, you can check “Historical Data” for each token on the token’s page. 

What is “Market Cap” and how is it calculated?

It is a market value of a publicly-traded company’s circulating tokens in the market. Market capitalization is equal to the current token price multiplied by the number of circulating tokens. 

Why is the “Circulating Supply” used in determining the Market Capitalization instead of “Total Supply?”.

It is most common to use circulating supply (or free float)instead of total supply, for determining the market capitalization. Tokens that are locked, reserved, or not able to be sold on the public market are tokens that can’t affect the price and thus should not be included in the indicated free float market capitalization. (The method of using circulating supply is analogous to what CoinMarketCapuses to determine coin supply.)

What is the difference between “Circulating Supply” and “Total Supply”?

Circulating supply is the best approximation of the number of tokens circulating in the market and in the general public’s hands.  

Total Supply is the total amount in existence right now (minus any coins that have been verifiably burned). 

How is the “24h Volume” calculated for each token?

We decided to take an unusual approach into calculating security volume. Instead of calculating in token units, we decided to show it in U.S. dollars, in order to make it easier for users to compare real trading dollar volume given potentially big unit price differences. We take live trading data from Security Token Exchanges in token units and convert each trade into USD. 

Why do some tokens have “0” 24h Volume?

The volume displays “zero” when on that day there were no tokens sold. Security token exchanges are dealing with a lot of regulatory uncertainty. Most of the tokens are only available to accredited investors which creates a deadweight loss for society and substantially cuts the number of people who can participate in the market. 

What does STC in the top left corner stands for?

SecurityTokenCap (STC) – is a total free float capitalization of all publicly trading security tokens. 

Where can I purchase a security token?

Check the Exchangestab on our site to see the list of exchanges where you can purchase the tokens.   NOTE: NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! 

What is the criteria for a security token/exchange to be listed on SecurityTokenCap?

We are ready to add every token/exchange that has been either registered with SEC, or met regulatory requirements of other countries where it wants to trade/ be traded.